MediaPipe on the Web

MediaPipe on the Web is an effort to use WebAssembly to bring MediaPipe graphs, calculators, and related technologies to the web. The aim is to have all the pieces (ML, rendering, and processing) running directly in the browser client-side. The official API is under construction, but the core technology has been proven effective, and we can already show interactive cross-platform demos using your live webcam.

For more details, read this Google Developer blog post

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Hand Tracking (with and without SIMD support)

For Chrome Developer Summit 2019, we used this technology to showcase the potential for performance improvements using Chrome experimental WebAssembly SIMD support. Below are two different versions of the MediaPipe Hand Tracking Example running on the web:

  1. WebAssembly MVP demo running around 5-8 frames per second on Desktop Chrome
  2. WebAssembly SIMD demo running around 15-18 frames per second on Canary Chrome for Desktop, which must additionally be launched with the option --js-flags="--experimental-wasm-simd"