Template Matching using KNIFT on Mobile (CPU)

This doc focuses on the example graph that performs template matching with KNIFT (Keypoint Neural Invariant Feature Transform) on mobile CPU.


In the visualization above, the green dots represent detected keypoints on each frame and the red box represents the targets matched by templates using KNIFT features (see also model card). For more information, please see Google Developers Blog.

Build Index Files

In MediaPipe, we’ve already provided a file in knift_index.pb, pre-computed from the 3 template images (of USD bills) shown below. If you’d like to use your own template images, please follow the steps below, or otherwise you can jump directly to Android.


Step 1:

Put all template images in a single directory.

Step 2:

To build the index file for all templates in the directory, run:

$ bazel build -c opt --define MEDIAPIPE_DISABLE_GPU=1 \
$ bazel-bin/mediapipe/examples/desktop/template_matching/template_matching_tflite \
    --calculator_graph_config_file=mediapipe/graphs/template_matching/index_building.pbtxt \
    --input_side_packets="file_directory=<template image directory>,file_suffix=png,output_index_filename=<output index filename>"

The output index file includes the extracted KNIFT features.

Step 3:

Replace mediapipe/models/knift_index.pb with the index file you generated, and update mediapipe/models/knift_labelmap.txt with your own template names.



A prebuilt arm64 APK can be downloaded here.

To build and install the app yourself, run:

Note: MediaPipe uses OpenCV 3 by default. However, because of issues between NDK 17+ and OpenCV 3 when using knnMatch, please use the following commands to temporarily switch to OpenCV 4 for the template matching exmaple on Android, and switch back to OpenCV 3 afterwards.

# Switch to OpenCV 4
sed -i -e 's:3.4.3/opencv-3.4.3:4.0.1/opencv-4.0.1:g' WORKSPACE
sed -i -e 's:libopencv_java3:libopencv_java4:g' third_party/opencv_android.BUILD

# Build and install app
bazel build -c opt --config=android_arm64 mediapipe/examples/android/src/java/com/google/mediapipe/apps/templatematchingcpu:templatematchingcpu
adb install -r bazel-bin/mediapipe/examples/android/src/java/com/google/mediapipe/apps/templatematchingcpu/templatematchingcpu.apk

# Switch back to OpenCV 3
sed -i -e 's:4.0.1/opencv-4.0.1:3.4.3/opencv-3.4.3:g' WORKSPACE
sed -i -e 's:libopencv_java4:libopencv_java3:g' third_party/opencv_android.BUILD

Use XNNPACK Delegate

The example uses XNNPACK delegate by default. Users can change the option in TfLiteInferenceCalculator to use default TF Lite inference.


Main Graph


Source pbtxt file