Object Detection on Coral with Webcam

MediaPipe is able to run cross platform across device types like desktop, mobile and edge devices. Here is an example of running MediaPipe object detection pipeline on edge device like the Coral Dev Board.

This MediaPipe Coral object detection pipeline is running coral specific quantized version of the MediaPipe object detection TFLite model accelerated on Edge TPU.

Cross compilation of MediaPipe Coral binaries in Docker

We recommend building the MediaPipe binaries not on the edge device due to limited compute resulting in long build times. Instead, we will build MediaPipe binaries using Docker containers on a more powerful host machine.

For step by step details of cross compiling and running MediaPipe binaries on the Coral Dev Board, please refer to README.md in MediaPipe Coral example folder.

_images/object_detection_demo_coral.jpgObject Detection running on Coral